Properties Administration

The property management can be a little confusing or intimidating for some homeowners, thinking that the only function of the manager is to collect the rent every month, which is far from reality.

Many investors do not have the time or the desire to manage the leasing of their properties, taking into consideration all the work behind it. Either because you have a demanding job and little spare time, as well as if you live in a city or country other than the property. Almost everyone questions whether it is a good idea to leave your property in the hands of a broker and / or administrator. The answer to that question is yes, and the benefits of doing so are many.

The administrator is the person in charge, who represent the owner in all matters concerning the property. Dealing directly with the tenant, condominium administration (company that carries out everything concerning common areas and internal services of the complex) and any other service provided to the property, such as repairs, telephone companies, cable companies, electricity, etc., to ensure that all contracted services are carried out by a recommended professional from the area, which is the main task so that the property continues to maintain quality and never lose its value.

Our company has 10 years of experience in property and / or property management and promotion in this area, so we not only guarantee to keep your property in good general condition, but also that we know the market and help to promote it in matter of long or short term rents using our own channels in conjunction with all the brokers in the area, thus achieving greater mobility of income, as well as helping in their sale if at any time you decide to redeem your investment.

Details of our functions as property managers:

Between tenants and the owner:

  • Ensuring that the tenant is comfortable within the property during their stay
  • Manage the rent charges at the time established in each contract
  • Manage and supervise all locative repairs that are at the owner’s expense
  • Make periodic visits to the property to supervise the care taken of it
  • Ensure the timely payment of extra services offered by the property, such as the energy contract, cable and / or internet, to be included as an extra service

Between the Condominium Administration and the owner:

  • Represent the owner at the condominium assemblies or meetings
  • Make the maintenance payment
  • Inform the owner of the schedules offered by the condominium administration in relation to the works and services
  • Supervise that the services offered and included in the maintenance fee are being fulfilled (fumigation, painting of common areas, gardening, repairs, etc.)

In order to carry out the administration, it must be accompanied by a Real Estate Property Management Contract for a specific period, where the owner grants a power, to act as administrator and legal representative before all the above mentioned.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about this information, as well as for expanding it and giving details about the agreements regarding expenses or benefits.