Real-Estate Administration Services

Rental management is a service that we provide to all interested customers, who do not have time, or do not want to deal with it, or simply do not reside in the country. In that case, we could help them maintaining their property in a good state, managing rentals and payments of maintenance fees, taxes and other charges as well as representing owners in multiple procedures, etc. Our team is a multilingual one, which helps a lot, since the majority of our clients are foreigners.

We believe that it is very important to do our job in a simple, effective and transparent way for all the parties (renters and owners). We work to resolve and satisfy the needs of our customers, offering the following services:

• Rental management and preparation of lease documents;
• Collection of daily, weekly or monthly rental payments;
• Preparation of all necessary documentation needed if you sell or buy a property;
• Assistance in obtaining legal benefits, property titles, registration, etc.
• Reporting and sending of money or deposit of it at the owner’s bank account;
• Reporting to owners and keeping a permanent record of all expenditures and payments fulfilled.
• Invoices management and control that payments are fulfilled for such services as water, electricity, gas, revenue department, telephone, cable, etc.
• Improving your property ambiente or resolving any emergency in any of the following areas:

1. Plumbing
2. Electric
3. Refrigeration & A/C
4. Painting
5. Gardening
6. Other

Additional Services

We can provide our clients with any additional service on request, like transfer from/to the airport, or transportation during their stay, helping with shopping, trips around the island and excursions. These services we organize with reliable and professional staff that have enough experience and speaks several languages.

With us you can feel safe and secure while investing in your vacation, and we do our best in trying to make it more comfortable and pleasant for you!